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History of Kudaldeshkar

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Our distinguished Food Habits!

Our distinguished Food Habits!

Actually food habits of any community really reflect the simple availability of raw food in a specific region in which that community is located. How could it be untrue for Kudaldeshkars? Since the community had its base in the Konkan area, food habits are naturally influnced by the sea coast.

Naturally,fish was and is the primary ingredient. Various varieties of fish are merrily consumed. Since availability of fish is a seasonal story, even dry fish becomes necessary. Fish is either fired or made into a delicious curry. Kudaldeshkars dont consider fish as a non veg diet. Fish is considered SAMUNDERKA PHOOL, flower of the sea. Chicken and Mutton are considered a nonveg diet.

Coconut and rice come as second supporting diet. Coconut remains in daily food in various forms. Rice being the staple food, is consumed for lunch and dinner and also for breakfast as PEJ (Porridge).

Kudaldeshkars are not to keen in fruits intake. But the Konkan region is one of the biggest for growing Bananas and offcourse Alphanso Mango, king of fruits.

Kudaldeshkars mostly prefer fried, cooked, hot and tasty dishes. Basically fish eaters. But they are also always willing to try new food styles as well.