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Birth Story

Kudaldeshkar Gaud Brahmin Snehvardhak Sangh (KGBSS) was founded in 1980. Late Shri Mangesh Keluskar had a library at Borivli station. Just opposite railway station, there is also a vegetable and fish market. While going to or returning from office or market, many young and old kudaldeshkars hopped into this library. It became a spot for konkani gajali and to rest a while. Many respected kudaldeshkar library members toyed with the idea of Snehavardhak Sangh for the community.

Intially the objectives were as follows

  • Improve public relations amongst kudaldeshkars
  • Better community contacts
  • Mutual help for those who need.
  • Problem solving.

These were the eight founder members

  1. Late Mr Dnyandeo Damodar Desai.
  2. Late Mr Janardan Sitaram Mainkar.
  3. Late Mr Waman Narayan Bavkar.
  4. Late Mr Mangesh Mukund Prabhukeluskar.
  5. Late Mr Madhusudan Krishnaji Patil.
  6. Late Mr Janardan Achyut Khot.
  7. Mr Pandurang Govind Kondkar.
  8. Mr Namdeo Atmaram Khanolkar.

Many other volunteers pumped up the idea and put in very valuable efforts. Intial meetings were at mr keluskar's residence. First shravani(change of sacred thread) was at mr khot's residence. Initially the annual subscription was rs 11/-. In the first year itself we had 6 donors emiretus, 45 life members and 126 normal members. Snehvardhak Sangh was thus registered c/o Shri Aba Khanolkar, Devidas lane, Borivli West.

Modus operandi was word of mouth, move round in the locality, read member names and locate a kudaldeshkar. Mr D B Samant, Retd. Head Master Malwan High School was a great inspiration and guidance during this period.

Intial activity centered around

  1. Collect donations
  2. Entertainment programmes for children.
  3. Appreciate academic excellence
  4. Conduct thread ceremony.
  5. Arrange get together.
  6. Arrange match making.

In 1980 in first Sammelan on Dasera day, seniors were honoured and meritorious students awarded. First Tilgul and Haldikunku program was arranged on 18/1/1981 and first group thread ceremony was arranged on 29/4/82. In the first mass thread ceremony there were 14 Batus. Scholaships were started in 1983.

Though matchmaking started in 1983, first convention for the same was in 1986. First list was made by Shri P G Kondkar. It was always available at his residence at Dahisar.

In 1986 Melava was at Samaj Alyan Kendra Dahisar. Shri Shamsunder Desai took a lot of efforts for the same. First executive committee consisted of Shri D B Samant (President), S N Ajgaonkar (Vice President), Dr N S Tendolkar (Exe President), M V Desai (Secretary), B R Khanolkar (Treasurer), A V Prabhu (Chartered accountants).

Mahila Mandal was formed on 5/2/1984. Mrs. Surekha B Khanolkar was president. Mrs. Unmana Patkar, Mrs. Veena Desai, Mrs. Alka Parulekar and many other sisters formed an able group. They even took care of breakfast and lunch during the functions.