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Some renowned Kudaldeshkars...

From the Past
In the Present

  Compared with the limited number of the community, there are quite a few Kudaldeshkars!

Chintaman Tryambak Khanolkar
Late Shri
Anant Shivaji
Desai Topiwale
Late Shri
S. K. Patil - M.P.
Late Shri
Datta Samant
Late Shri
Vasant Desai
Late Shri
Chin. Tryam.

... from the Past

... in the Present

  • Shri S K Patil Who became Central cabinet minister in Nehru Cabinet. Was called uncrowned king of Bombay.
  • Shri Anant Shivaji Desai Topiwale. Singlehandedly did almost everything for Kudaldeshkar community and balance was Completed by his son Shri Narayanrao Desai.
  • Shri S N Desai, a lawyer who became minister in Maharashtra govt was the pioneer of MIDC in Kudal.
  • Shri Vasant Desai, An unforgettable name in Indian Cine Music Industry.
  • Dr Datta Samant The controversial Union Leader was from Deobag.
  • Dr Shridhar Shankar Ajgaonkar, Eminent Diabetician
  • Haribhaktparayan Dasbuva Parulekar. A kirtankar of eminence.
  • Shri Wamanrao parulekar. A small man whom thousands will not forget for what he did for Vidyavridhi Samaj
  • Shri Baburao Parulekar. An educationalist.
  • Smt Godutai Parulekar. A selfless and hardworking lady. Devoted her life for rurals and triabals of Thane District.
  • Shri Chin Tryam Khanolkar. An author and poet with a Pseudo Name Aarti Prabhu
  • Mayor Sitaram Patkar- Who was the Mayor of Bombay.
  • Shri R H Samant Nevalkar. More commonly known as Newalkar Retiwale.
  • Shri Madhavrao Walawalkar, Natasamrat who worked with Balgandharva.
  • Shri G P alias GUNFa Ajgaonkar Person who di intensive research and wrote books on Kudaldeshkar History.
  • Shri Baburao Thakur. Pioneer of Maharshtra Ekikaran Samiti and editor of Tarun Bharat in Belgaum.

  • Shri Eknath Keshav Thakur, Parliamentarian. Present Chairman of Saraswat Bank.
  • Shri Nandkumar Parulekar. EX Chairman of Bank of India
  • Kiran Thakur. Now chief of Maharshtra Ekikaran Samiti and editor of Tarun Bharat in Belgaum.
  • Shri Surendra Bagalkar. Ex Chairman of B E S T Mumbai
  • Shri Arvind Nerkar. Ex Chairman of B E S T Mumbai, Sitting M L A.
  • Manoj Tirodkar of Global Telesystems.
  • Dada Tirodkar. Pioneer of Global Telesystems.
  • Vasant Ajgaonkar. A Singer
  • Medha Patkar. Social Activist. A real firebrand leader. Her dedicated work for tribals, Adivasis and Sardar Sarovar brought her world fame.
  • Shashi Prabhu. Architect of repute. Wankhede Stadium was one of his marvels.
  • Sudhakar Prabhu An eminent Architect.
  • Narendra Dabholkar. Andha Shraddha Nirmoolan. He not only declared war against Superstition but created a movement by itself.
  • Also persisting a demand to form a law for this cause.
  • Urmila Matondkar. An Actress.
  • Anant Samant. A Novelist who recently published a first talking book.
  • Dr Jagdish Deorao Samant. His Exemplary work in service to leprosy affected people In Nirmal is a wonder.

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Urmila Matondkar - Actress
Eknath Thakur
Medha Patkar
Arvind Nerkar
Urmila Matondkar

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